Thankful Thursday

So far I’ve sold 34 copies of Summer at the Lake with Petie. Today I received my first payment in the amount of $119. I haven’t been paid for all the copies yet so there’s more money coming (but not until next month)! I took great joy in going to Duncan’s Place and clicking on their donate button and donating that money. As both and Duncan’s Place both use Paypal, it was very easy.

Ordering is very easy, too. Just click on the picture below and it will take you to the order page!

The deadline for ordering in time for Christmas in the U.S. is December 12. delivers all over the world, so don’t think you can’t order if you live outside the U.S.

Thank you to everyone who has or is going to order Summer at the Lake with Petie. And Happy Holidays to all!

Anipals Read!

I’ve been quite busy this week helping out with a very exciting project! Those of you who attended the last #readpawty know that we decided that we should put together a way for us anipals to share books. @MaggieTKat, @MizzBassie, @Mariodacat, and I had lots of discussions about how it should be put together. Once we decided on the format, I put together a spreadsheet in Googledocs where we can list the books we have for sharing and keep track of who has what books.

The first step was setting up a gmail account for #readpawty where everyone could send their emails and so we had a google account to host the spreadsheet. Then I set up the spreadsheet. Then we got to talking some more, and one thing led to another. Well, the ‘another’ was a new blog just for #readpawty – Anipals Read. I had lots of fun putting that together. Blogger has lots of cool stuff built in. I even found a background that’s a picture of shelves full of books – perfect for a book club blog. @MaggieTKat is working on moving #readpawty stuff from Kruse Kats to the new blog.

Then I decided to make a badge for Anipals Read that pals could put on their own blogs that would link back to the Anipals Read. I knew how to make a picture with a link, but I didn’t know how to add the code so pals could copy it. @Rumblepurr to the rescue! He sent me sample code I could use as a base to make the badge.

Anipals Read

Copy and paste the code below to add this button to your blog

Visit the#readpawty blog
Visit the #readpawty blog!

This has truly been a team effort. It was fun collaborating with everyone and getting this put together. And now my part in this is mostly done. @Mariodacat has volunteered to keep up the book swap list. And of course, @MaggieTKat will continue to be mistress of #readpawty and keep up the blog, just at the new site. Maybe as we come up with new things we want to add I’ll work on design. But everything is pretty much set until we figure out what works and what needs to change.

I hope you will all go visit Anipals Read and join us for the next #readpawty.