Evie Goes to a Rock Concert

Remember a couple of weeks ago I said Evie had a big adventure coming up? Well, she went to see the band Chicago at Red Rocks Amphitheatre! They were playing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Red Rocks is absolutely amazing. It has to be the most beautiful place on earth to hear a concert. And Evie got to go there. There’s not much else to say about it with words. Pictures are the best way, so here’s lots of them.

Waiting in line with Mom’s friends
The view from Red Rocks
Me & Mom
See the stage behind me?
The theatre is carved right out of the rocks. It’s very beautiful.
We got to see Chicago. They were pawsome.
I wish you could hear them. I tried to record the show, but it came out terrible.
The view from way up high in the seats.
Lights on the rocks.
So that was Evie’s adventure. Pretty amazing! I wish I could go to a rock concert. Until next time!