A Visit from Pip and Puddles

bucket2Happy Sunday everyone! I have a very special post for you today. My pal, Pip, isn’t doing so great and it probably won’t be terribly long before he goes OTRB. Pip’s made a bucket list of things he wants to do and places he wants to see in the time he has left. I was hoping he’d want to see Colorado so I invited him to come for a visit. He said yes!

So Pip packed up his little red car, and his friend/nurse/driver Puddles, and headed for Colorado! I don’t know about them, but I had a great time showing them the sights. The first stop was downtown Denver. We went for a carriage ride, visited the Botanic Gardens, and visited the Kong factory. Pip was furry excited to see where Kong toys were made. (You can biggify the pictures by clicking on them.)

On the way back from downtown, we stopped at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to see the bison.RMANWRThen we went back to my house. I showed Pip and Puddles to the guest tent. It had nice comfy pillows for them to sleep on and I loaded it up with toys for them to play with. Look!Guest tentPip and Puddles slept really well in that tent, and the next morning were raring to go! We had so many places to see that instead of taking the car, we borrowed the Lake with Petie transporter. Otherwise we’d have needed a whole week to go everywhere!

We headed for the mountains. We started out in Estes Park where I took them to the Stanley Hotel. For those who don’t know about the Stanley Hotel, it’s the hotel Stephen King stayed at that inspired the book The Shining. From there we went into Rocky Mountain National Park and over Trail Ridge Road. We came down the other side of the mountain into Idaho Springs. There’s all kinds of great shops and restaurants there. But what Idaho Springs is really famous for are the Indian Hot Springs and Tommyknocker Brewery. Then we went up to the top of Mt. Evans. The road up to Mt. Evans is the highest paved road in North America! It’s 14,240 feet at the summit.

That was a lot of places for one day, but there was still more to see! So we got up furry early the next morning, jumped in the car, and headed south to Colorado Springs. First stop was the Air Force Academy. We posed on a jet and saw the Chapel. From there, it was on to the Garden of the Gods. It’s a gorgeous landscape of red rock formations, desert plants, and an amazing expanse of sky. If you go there you’ll understand how it got its name. I guess we kind of went from one chapel to another. The last stop on our tour was the Olympic training center. Pip wanted to ride the bobsled, but there was no snow.

I’m thrilled Pip and Puddles were able to stay long enough to see so many things. I just wish they could have stayed longer, because I had so many other places I wanted to take them. But I guess that would have been selfish. After all, I know there’s lots of other pals that want a visit from Pip and Puddles. So I guess I was lucky there were able to stay as long as they did.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did. Have a great week everyone!

Leaf Peeping 2011

I’m turning the blog over to Evie this week. Mom and her friend Chris went on their annual leaf peeping drive. In fact, this year they took two drives. And Evie got to go along on both drives. All yours, Evie.

Thanks Pumpkin. There’s a road just outside Estes Park that says Big Elk Meadow. Mom and Chris have been saying for years that they have to go out that road and see what’s there. After 15 years of saying we have to check out “that road” they finally did it. Guess what was on “that road”. Nothing! It leads to a gated development that you can’t even see into from the gate.

Stuff like that never bothers them because they always have a Plan B. This time Plan B was going over to Lily Lake and having a picnic, and then driving back to Denver on a road they hadn’t been on in a while. We went from Lily Lake to Nederland, stopped for a drink, and then past Blackhawk to Cold Creek Canyon and on into Denver.

[nggallery id=3]


One thing about driving through the mountains and on twisty roads is you get a completely different view depending on which direction your driving. The drive from Estes Park to Denver was so beautiful, Mom and Chris decided to do it again on Friday but in the reverse direction. Then we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park because we wanted to hear the elk bugling. After that we had lunch in Estes Park, walked around a bit, then went back through the park, then headed home through the Big Thompson Canyon.

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I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, “Where are the elk pictures?”. We couldn’t find them! For the first time in 30 years that Mom’s been going to RMNP, she didn’t see one single¬† solitary elk, much less elk bugling. ūüôĀ¬† The park has fenced off the areas the elk usually frequent because they’re overgrazed so they can be reforested and restored. No clue where the elk were, but they weren’t where we could see them. The only elk I got to see was the elk burger in Mom’s lunch. Sigh.

I had a great time anyway. The scenery was amazing, I had my first Black & Tan and my first elk burger (I got to taste Mom’s), and got to wander around Estes Park for a bit. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Both drives were wonderful and I’m so happy Mom took me along.

Pumpkin here. Thanks Evie for sharing your trip and your pictures with us. I knew she was pulling my leg about the elk’s bugling. There’s no way an elk can play a bugle!

Make sure you come back on Wednesday. My guest blogger will be @SnuffyNorton of House of Bearmani and Fauxgue fame. Have a great week everyone!

Lippe’s Visit with Pumpkin

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a couple of days late with my blog. I had no typist for the weekend. *glares at mom*

I’m gonna let Lippe use the blog today to tell you about his visit here. We’ve been having a great time playing with my toys and my fursibs, but that was all when Mom wasn’t home so we don’t have many pictures of us playing. Lippe’s gonna tell you about his adventures with Mom that I didn’t get to go to. Here’s Lippe.

Lippe here. I’ve been all kinds of places and did all kinds of things while I’ve been in Colorado. I can’t believe how much fun I’ve had. Aside from all the fun I’ve had with Pumpkin and her fursibs, here’s some of what I did with Pumpkin’s mom. If the dates look funny to you, it’s how we write them in Europe, day first, then month, then year.

24/5/11¬†¬† I arrive at Pumpkin’s Mom’s office and hung out with her at work.

26/5/11¬†¬†¬† Estes Park, CO¬†¬†¬† This was a long, busy day. We drove up to Estes Park and stopped at the Colorado Cherry Store on the way up. Then we went to Estes Park Brewery to buy some beer. After that we went to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) and saw lots of critters, especially elk. Then we walked around town for a while and went to a winery for a wine tasting. After a full day in Estes Park we stopped at Costco on the way home to shop. I couldn’t believe how big Costco was. When we finally got home I fell right to sleep and didn’t even wake up for dinner. I must have been tired to sleep through a meal.

27/5/11¬†¬†¬† Nowhere special¬†¬†¬† Got the car fixed (I didn’t break it), met Pumpkin’s mom’s friend for lunch and some shopping, climbed a big bear!

30/5/11¬†¬†¬† Second Creek Nature Trail¬†¬†¬† I finally got to ride in Pumpkin’s super cool stroller! We went on the nature trail right behind Pumpkin’s house. We saw lots of bunnies and birds. The weather was turning bad while we were walking and we got back to the house just in time not to get rained on.

1/6/2011¬†¬†¬† Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve¬†¬†¬† Pumpkin’s mom likes to do lots of outdoor naturey stuff, so we went to a wildlife preserve. We saw prairie dogs, bison, hawks and eagles, bison, deer, bison, rabbits, bison, and lots of other critters. Oh, and did I mention the bison? They were tremendous, like elephants. Well, maybe not that big, but almost.

3/6/2011¬†¬†¬† Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO)¬†¬†¬† I went to work with Pumpkin’s mom and then we went out to dinner and to the symphony to hear Sandi Patty. The whole evening was fun. We sat outside for dinner and the restaurant next door had live music outside, so we really had 2 concerts that night! Walking back to the car after there were so many people out and the streets were super busy. It was lots of fun watching all the people.

4/6/2011¬†¬†¬† CSO again!¬†¬†¬† We spent the whole day in downtown Denver wandering around. We started out at the City and County building. We climbed all the way to the top and got a picture on the roof. It was fun. Then we walked through a street festival called The People’s Fair. The heart of downtown is a street mall called the 16th Street Mall. There are free shuttles that run up and down the mall. We got to ride one for a while. We also took lots of pictures of cool buildings. There were pianos all over the mall and people playing them. I played one, too. We saw the railroad yard, bridges, Union Station, and Coors Field. Then we had dinner and went to the symphony, this time to see Pink Martini. They were awesome. I loved it! It was a long day with a lot of walking. I was a very tired but happy bear when we got back to the house.

10/6/11 – 12/6/11¬†¬†¬† Back to Estes Park¬†¬†¬† We went back up to Estes Park, and this time stayed the whole weekend. We stayed at a lovely cabin in a place called The Evergreens. It had a spa tub and kitchen and we relaxed a lot. A little chipmunk came in our room. We gave it a piece of hot dog bun and got a picture of it running off with the bun. It was so cute. We went back to RMNP. This time we saw bighorn sheep and a brown bear in addition to elk and deer. We also spent lots of time walking around town and watched a man blowing glass and I got a new shirt. We walked around the Stanley Hotel. This is the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. When we left Sunday, instead of driving straight back to Denver, we drove back through the park, over Trail Ridge Road, through Grand Lake and over lots of mountain passes. Trail Ridge Road goes over 12,000 feet high. There was still snow at the top and it was like 12 feet high! We also crossed the Continental Divide. I’ll have to look that up because that was a big deal, but I don’t know why. Something about which way the rivers run on each side of the divide. The whole weekend the weather was perfect. We had a wonderful time.

That’s the highlights of my trip to Colorado. I hope you all enjoyed my pictures online at¬†Lippe’s Visit with Pumpkin. Not all the pictures are up yet, but they should be by the weekend.

Pumpkin back again. As you can see, Lippe kept Mom furry busy the last few weeks. We’ve all really loved having Lippe visit us and are kind of sad he has to go. But we’ve had a nice long visit, and now it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy Lippe’s company. I hope he has a wonderful time on the rest of his trip. It’s gonna be awfully quiet and boring around here without him. We love you Lippe!