St. Vrain State Park

Happy Sunday everyone. I finally got to go on a stroller outing yesterday. The tempurature was in the mid 70s. Purrfect day for an outing. We went to a park I’ve never been to before – St. Vrain State Park. It has camping, boating, fishing, walking trails, and lots of ponds. There’s also lots of critters and birds. Mostly we saw birds. I saw one squirrel but we didn’t get a picture of him.

I not only rode through the park in my stroller, I got to get out and walk around in the grass. I even nommed some! It was quite yummy. Here I am, walking around.

We only went around one of the many ponds, so there’s still lots for us to see when we go back. Around the pond there were signs telling about the eco-system and the wildlife. The signs were interesting and had good information. We took lots of pictures!

Did you see the picture of the trees that had white painted on the bottom? That paint has sand in it and it’s to keep the beavers from chopping down the trees. I’ve never seen that before. And the very last picture shows trees that have already changed and some that lost their leaves. It’s only August! I think it’s because of the drought. Our trees in the yard are changing too.

So that was my outing to the park. Have a great week everyone!