Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you all had fun at #pawpawty. I know I did. Had my first barktending gig, too. I lucked out. Everyone was so busy watching the Shibbering Cheetohs that it was slow. MOL!

Thank you all for your response to my last post. So far it’s gotten 87 hits! That’s a lot of hits for me. Duncan’s place is just pawsome and I’m glad to spread the word about them. I hope some of you have given them a donation. They really need it. If you haven’t, click on the badge on the right. It will take you to their donation page.

And speaking of Duncan’s Place, Mom went up there yesterday to pay them a visit. Big mistake! She fell in love with 2 of the kittens and now I’m getting brofurs. That’s right. Brofurs. TWO OF THEM! I’m gonna be outnumbered, so I better put them in their place real quick when they get here and make sure they know who’s the boss kitty around here.

I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, it will be fun to have someone to play with while mom’s out day hunting. On the other hand, now I have to share everything, including Mom’s attention. I have to share my toys, my cute little red tent, and worst of all, I might have to share my pawsome stroller! It’s very roomy inside, but I don’t think it’s big enough for three of us at once. I may have to draw the line at letting them in the stroller.

I don’t have pics yet. I’ll try to get pics from Cathy at Duncan’s Place and put them up later. The kitties aren’t coming to live with us for almost a month. One still need some tests and is still a little too young to come live with us. The other needs his mancat operation and they’re gonna keep both until after that. Then they come to us.

Right now they’re named Bob and Peanut, but we’re thinking about renaming them. I’ll ask for ideas for new names when I put the pics up.

It’s a nice sunny day, so I think I’m going for a walk. Later!

It’s windy outside!

As Mom told you, we live on the plains. It’s very, very windy here. But today it’s windier than I’ve ever heard before. It’s blowing so hard it makes the windows rattle and I can hear it in the vents. It’s pretty scary when it gets this windy. When the wind gets really bad, we have to watch the news to see if there’s going to be a tornado. I’ve never seen a tornado, but Mom says they’re very scary. She said I don’t have to be scared tonight. The wind’s not blowing that hard and it’s not storming (like it was this morning).

Mom said she’s lived here 4 years and there’s never been a tornado real close to the house. But there will be times we’ll have to hide from the wind just in case. The TV will tell us when we have to hide. Mom also got a kit from the ASPCA that lets recue workers know I’m here just in case something happens to the house and she can’t help me.

You know how people say talking about stuff helps? The wind isn’t as scary anymore.